Our mission:

Uprise Circus provides uplifting circus programs to underserved kids

Social circus is an intervention that uses circus arts as a tool for fostering personal and social development.

Uprise Circus is the only social circus in Texas

With a focus on flying trapeze, Uprise Circus gives kids confidence and perseverance, promotes teamwork and cooperation, and builds a community of supporters who are committed to helping them rise to their true potential. 

Every session at Uprise Circus gives kids the opportunity to:

  • Build confidence and conquer fears

  • Learn new skills, and build on old ones

  • Support their peers in reaching their goals

  • Build physical strength

  • Take part in a supportive community

We offer unique, life-changing opportunities

Evidence suggests that kids from disadvantaged environments are more likely to commit a crime, have unplanned pregnancies, and drop out of school.

However, studies have shown that providing high-challenge, high-support circus education improves the social and emotional learning skills of participating kids, allowing them to lead more successful adult lives.

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