Life-changing opportunities

I was really unsure about what I could do, but Uprise has helped me. I feel confident going up to people and trying new things. – J.A., 15

We use circus arts to help historically-marginalized teens learn how to overcome challenging situations and develop valuable social skills.

Uprise Circus is the only social circus in Texas

Studies have shown that providing high-challenge, high-support circus education improves the social and emotional learning skills of participating kids, allowing them to lead more successful adult lives.

Every session at Uprise Circus gives students the opportunity to:

  • Conquer fear & gain confidence

  • Cultivate a positive internal dialogue

  • Build peer friendships and receive trained-mentor support

How we help

With a focus on flying trapeze, Uprise Circus gives kids confidence and perseverance, promotes teamwork and cooperation, and builds a community of supporters who are committed to helping them rise to their true potential. 

Ways You Can Help

You can positively impact lives of historically-marginalized teens in Austin