What is
Uprise Circus?

Our highest priority is fostering positive development in kids who could otherwise not afford the unique and joyous experience of flying.

As a result, we give children the chance to rise up to their true potential.

Helping those who need it most

When we first learned of the need for social circus with disadvantaged children in Central Texas, we knew we had to do something.

Circus of Hope was a social circus active from 2013-2018; our nonprofit Uprise Circus was created to fill the need when they closed and expand it to include all underserved kids.

The all-female founders and friends share a love of circus and passion for helping kids, and commitment to making an impact on their community.

Together we can help even more

Our Team

Uprise Circus is made possible by our team of volunteers, expertly-trained staff, Board of Directors, and generous partners.

Dr. Jules Madrigal


Jules is well-known for her altruism, treating people in her medical practice for free if they have cancer, or at a discount if they serve others through religion or education.

When she isn’t using her medical abilities to make house calls, as a medical director for fire departments, or as the Burnet County Health authority, you can find Jules spending time with her two biological children or the 16 other children that have been in her care.

Liz Taylor

Vice President

When she is not flying through the air with the greatest of ease, Liz helps business owners elevate their companies’ branding and marketing. Liz uses her UT art degrees and two decades of experience to create designs that dazzle audiences.

Her list of accomplishments include multiple cattle drives, finishing high school at 15 years old, and creating another human.

Ashley Budtke


By day, you can find Ashley using her degree from the University of Texas working as a software engineer. But by night, you can find her dropping from a static trapeze or making crafty Valentine’s Day cards.

Ashley also loves eating at some of the best places in town—so feel free to ask her where to go for your next delicious meal.

Sonja Hamilton


Sonja is a native Austinite with an artistic eye. When she isn’t volunteering with nonprofits, Sonja is often found creating art with watercolors, stationary, or fountain pens.

In her spare time, Sonja loves hanging out with Mason the cockatoo, Bean the daschund, and her trapezist daughter, Eli.

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